Cooperation with AVOI in the Maternity Hospital in Málaga

The building works belong to the renovation and remodelling of the Oncology floor in the Maternity Hospital, aiming to improve patient privacy, workers’ safety and accessibility.

On AVOI’s initiative, and with the cooperation of studio 969 arquitectos, new distributions have been created, which will allow patients to have closer contact with their families during their stay in hospital.

Every year, 500 children are admitted on this floor, of which 20 do so in the transplant rooms. These are designed for minors waiting for a transplant and those who need to stay after undergoing a graft.

At the end of the building works, these spaces will turn into magic places, full of fantasy and both pleasant and comfortable. Together with the initiative of AVOI volunteers, the renovation of these rooms will help improve the patients and relatives’ moods, which is essential in this kind of treatment.

Social commitment