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La Fábrica Cruzcampo


La Fábrica de Cruzcampo (Cruzcampo Factory) is the first firm commitment from Heineken group to artisan beer in Málaga by bringing together both production and consumption in a 1,200 m2 premises in the heart of the Soho neighbourhood.

The entire demolition, the structure execution for a mezzanine (more than 3,200 m2) and a foundation slab for the factory (2,700 m2), different installations and works of reconditioning and interior design for the premises have lasted just 75 days. The key has been a carefully designed style that includes stainless-steel elements as an industrial touch, which is reinforced with very modern furniture and decorative lighting.

Artisan materials and high-quality finishes show the care taken for every detail, such as micro concrete and solid wood for the floors, coated pillars in handmade enamelling tiles - Zellige series by craftsman Mosaic del Sur - or rough bricks for some wall hangings.

La Fábrica can seat over 500 people and has a stage, grandstands, tasting areas and a covered terrace. In the restricted area, only for authorized personnel, there is an industrial kitchen, which includes a room for cold plates, storerooms, processing areas, walk-in freezers, a control room and dressing rooms.

Heineken S.A.
Industrial · Craft beer factory
Soho Neighbourhood, Málaga