Laying of Boutique La Fonda Hotel 1st stone

The emblematic La Fonda, a hotel and a restaurant located in Marbella’s downtown, witnesses the beginning of the restoration and construction works by laying the first stone. Bilba has organised this event, the construction company in charge of giving back its original splendour to the building.

After two years of complicated urban, bureaucratic procedures, since the hotel has Singular Protection by municipal regulations, Marbella City Council has already granted the construction permit together with the approval of Junta de Andalucía.

Several members of the local administration attended the laying of the first stone of the new hotel, such as the current mayor Ángeles Muñoz, the project partners-promoters and some media from both the city and the province to capture the historic moment.

‘The environment for the hotel plays an important role because it means to recover part of Marbella’s recent history; from those 60 years in which La Fonda was a top-level food hallmark in the national and international areas. A perfect mix for this hotel to have the success that we all expect’, said the mayor.

The building works include restoring three buildings, the oldest one from the 16th century, and the construction of a new luxury complex of 1,448 m2 plus 341 m2 of open common areas. Besides, the new hotel will offer 20 rooms and suites, and another area for restaurants and bars.

The project is to be done within 18 months, with 3 million euro-initial investment for the construction, maintenance and restoration of the main façades and valued structural elements. The remaining sum will reach 7,5 million euros for acquiring and preparing the building, professional and management fees, and equipment and furnishing for the entire complex.

The Boutique La Fonda Hotel aims to become a great tourist and historical attraction for the city, with common spaces for both guests and v