Bilba is a family business that works as a construction company and that bases its success on three values: reliability, proximity and care for details. A large, dedicated team guarantees a convincing and immediate answer to great magnitude projects.

When hiring Bilba, you know what you are hiring.
As a construction company, Bilba takes pride in hiring its own staff, as opposed to the current tendency of a sector that is inclined to external hiring. Nowadays, more than 300 professionals are part of the staff along with an extense and experienced technical department of engineers and architects that feel Bilba just as it is: a big family of professionals.
Works with a name.
Despite its modest origin, Bilba is at present a well-known construction company that works from Málaga to develop projects all over the country. Well-done work for more than two decades gives Bilba the reward of the professional recognition. Moreover, the opening of brand new, independent working areas such as civil architecture and commecial / retail.
Everything changes but one thing:
do things right.
The family legacy of Bilba consists on turning excelence into daily work. Integrity, responsibility, experience, honesty and commitment are employees’ hallmarks. A whole that inspires Bilba day after day and it is noticeable in every project.
Count on a quality certificate that includes projects, materials and construction work makes posible to control the entire process as well as improve it constantly. These certificates reflect the values of Bilba: quality and environmental responsibility.
ISO 9001, Quality Management System
Bilba offers services that satisfy the requirements of clients and the applicable regulation.
ISO 14001, Environmental Management System
Bilba optimizes resources and waste management and reduces the environmental impact produced by its activity as well as risks related to accidental situations.

OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.
Bilba increases the presence and performance of safety and health in the workplace as well as control over the risks involved.

Integrated Management System Policy. see document
Corporate Social Responsibility
One of the main concerns of Bilba is give back to society part of what it receives daily from it through their clients. For this reason, it takes part in projects improving the development of people nearby regarding several areas, such as culture, sport or fight against social discrimination. In addition to the role Bilba plays regarding job and well-being creation, it is also aware of its potential to drive initiatives helping the environment. Therefore, its everyday involvement as a construction company with all the means available.

Clients, Bilba quality guarantee
The result of a work well done is the best sales arguments. The word of mouth of the clients and architecture and engineer studies with whom Bilba work generates the best and most efficient publicity: being put in a good word to its closest surroundings. Individual clients, Public Administration and both local and national companies make the client porfolio of Bilba.