Bilba is family run business working as a construction company aiming for the client’s complete satisfaction. We carry in our DNA the sensibility for small details and the care in personal interaction, and on the principles of availability, responsibility, implication and capability at all times.

More than 400 excellence professionals.
Having the maximum control over the project and responding in the shortest time is possible due to having our own staff. A team made of framers, builders, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, operators, tilers, locksmiths or painters. More than 400 excellence professionals with extensive experience and a family in charge that has been able to join the knowledge of their field with the necessary vision to build what it has become today: A great company committed to excellence.
Projects with a name.
From our forefathers we inherited our knowledge of masonry, along with an understanding of construction marking the beginning of our business development. Not only do we work on technical projects, but we also fulfill a family’s dream or make the expansion of a company come true.
Acts define a person.
Projects define a construction company.
Our company organization gives us the opportunity to start small jobs as well as large building projects, commercial adaptations and civil engineering with the same care, dedication and quality service.
ISO 9001, Quality Management System
Bilba offers services that satisfy the requirements of clients and the applicable regulation.
ISO 14001, Environmental Management System
Bilba optimizes resources and waste management and reduces the environmental impact produced by its activity as well as risks related to accidental situations.

OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.
Bilba increases the presence and performance of safety and health in the workplace as well as control over the risks involved.

Integrated Management System Policy. see document
Corporate Social Responsibility.
One of Bilba’s main concerns is give back to society part of what it receives daily from it through their clients. For this reason, it takes part in projects improving the development of people nearby regarding several areas, such as culture, sport or fight against social discrimination. In addition to Bilba’s role regarding job and well-being creation, the company is also aware of its potential to drive initiatives helping the environment. Therefore, Bilba develops a daily commitment as a construction company with all the means within its reach.

Client service guides Bilba’s path.
In the process of being constructed, buildings are almost a living entity and become enriched by a close collaboration of client, project manager and building company. Only thus can we achieve exceptional results, in addition of establishing a strong, solid, trustworthy collaboration in the long-term with our clients, whose goals we share and enjoy every day the pleasure in doing an exemplary job. And we support them in their company expansions with our own staff outside Malaga, such as Madrid and Barcelona, from where we satisfy nationwide demand. Wherever they need us, there we will be. We do not have geographical limits.