Bilba gives back splendour to Café de Chinitas

The emblematic Café de Chinitas building in Málaga is in the process of restoration. Constructed in the middle of the 19th century, it housed the popular café-theatre where most famous singers met, such as Estrellita Castro or Manolo Caracol, and distinguished poets and painters later, such as Federico García Lorca, Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dalí.

Despite having been closed in 1937, the building has remained in Málaga’s cultural memory ever since. This project aims to give back its char and splendour, as well as some other that Bilba is carrying out in some buildings in the very Pasaje de Chinitas.

The building, which has a grade 1 architecture protection, will maintain the original architectural concept by preserving the prominence of its emblematic central patio, around which the many spaces of the new complex will be placed. On the first and second floors, there will be luxury tourist apartments, while the premises on the ground floor will become a top-level restaurant.

The architect Rafael Salas is in charge of the technical direction of the project and is also the technical writer for the restoration project in La Malagueta. This new establishment is scheduled to reopen in summer 2021 when it will once again become a meeting place for locals and visitors.