Villa Chelo.
Villa Chelo.
Data sheet
project Villa Chelo.
surface 625 sqm.
client Individual.
location Avda. Pintor Joaquín Sorolla, Málaga.
architect Antonio Martínez Aragón.
restorarion. building.
Villa Chelo develops an intervention over a protected building from 1930, which has belonged to the same family since it was built. The current generation of owners has asked for turning the original single family home into three different houses. On the arquitectural side, the main challenge was to enlarge the structural area without losing the original identity of the old villa, giving it a well-deserved prominence.

The architect solves the problem by adding a brand-new section of straight lines with ventilated façades of black klinker bricks – this is the very first project made out of this novel material- and carpentry work using the same colour scheme in contrast with the original white painting.
Villa Chelo.

The result highlights the ziggurat-shape characteristic volumetrics of the original building and the new section hidden behind and that remains in the background.

Regarding the construction itself, and having made a detailed study based on the documents brought by the family and specific data obtained on the spot, it has been a reality the recovering of all the original and interesting elements of the building: wooden carpentry, decoration items and original paintings, both in the inside as on the façades. The former has allowed to carry out the restoration of the building and the garden, also protected, recognizing the value of the whole prominently.